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Headline:  CUBA.; Return of General Goyeneche to Puerto Principe--Arrest of an Assassin in Havana--San Miguel Occupied by the Spaniards--Miscellaneous.

February 14, 1870, Wednesday, New York Times - (you can download a pdf copy of the actual news article)

Page 1, 108 words

Genral GOYENECHE again returned to Puerto Principe on the 8th inst. HAVANA, Feb. 12.--The assassin of ISAAC GREENWALDTH was arrested in this city last night. He is a native of the Canary Islands, and a Sergeant in the Fifth Battalion of Volunteers.

Headline:  CUBA; The Cubans Advancing and the Spaniards Retreating--Reported Defeat of Goyeneche.

April 16, 1870, Wednesday, New York Times

Page 1, 78 words

The friends of Cuban independence say they have received letters stating that the laborers on the sugar plantations near Colon were obliged to abandon their work on account of the advance of a large body of insurgents, and that the Spanish troops retreated. [ END OF FIRST PARAGRAPH ]

Headline:   Journalist arrested for "rebellion"

Colombia    27 August 2003

Reporters Without Borders expressed concern today about the arrest of radio journalist Emiro Goyeneche, who was picked up in the eastern province of Arauca on 20 August on suspicion of collaborating with the National Liberation Army (ELN) guerrillas and accused of "rebellion." It called for his legal situation to be urgently clarified and his rights to be respected.


 2004    http://www.amnesty.ca/colombia/news/view.php?load=arcview&article=3459&c=Colombia+News

5 August: Héctor Alirio Martínez, president of the peasants’ association (Aduc), Jorge Eduardo Prieto Chamusero, president of the regional health workers’ union (Anthoc-Arauca) and Leonel Goyeneche Goyeneche, member of the Arauca region of the Cut federation, were shot and killed by the Colombian army in Caño Seco, in the municipality of Saravena, province of Arauca. 

2005    http://www.cpj.org/attacks05/americas05/americas05.html


2006    http://www.ictur.org/Colombia-bulletin2006iii.htm

12 August: Abdon Goyeneche Goyeneche, President, and William Saenez, Director, both of the Arauca teachers’ association were arrested by members of the army along with Esaud Montero Triana, a member of the ANTHOC health workers’ union from the medical mission. At the same way other social and political leaders were arrested:


Viernes 27 de julio de 2007, Secretaría de prensa y comunicación

Si andais estos días (hasta Septiembre) por Gros y más concretamente por la calle Ronda, os podéis encontrar una exposición con los vivos colores de Chari Goyeneche, una pintora zarauztarra exiliada en Paris desde hace tres décadas. En la galería Replika podeis refrescar la vista con obras como esta.


Headline:  Oviedo: ARANCHA GOYENECHE en Vértice

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Centros de exposición  Título exposición: “Life is like the seasons”.
Obra expuesta: instalación y pinturas, realizadas para esta exposición entre los años 2004/07.

ARANCHA GOYENECHE, expone por primera vez, de manera individual, en la Galería Vértice de Oviedo, en una muestra cuya inauguración tendrá lugar el Jueves 6 de Septiembre a las 19:30 horas.